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How can I arrange for relocation of niche from Mandai to Chua Chu Kang ?



To relocate the niche from Mandai Columbarium to Choa Chu Kang Columbarium, the Original Applicant (OA) must make two applications.*


(1) 'Application for Removal of Urn(s) and Surrender Niche Lease' at Mandai Columbarium. This will initiate the process of relocation.

(2) Followed by 'Application of Niche in Government Managed Columbarium' submitted to Choa Chu Kang Columbarium.

*These 2 applications can be made concurrently. You can indicate the date you wish to remove the urn (from Mandai) and install (at Choa Chu Kang) in the respective applications after you have work out these dates with the contractor.

In cases where the OA is unavailable to carry out these transactions personally, they may provide written authorization for a family member or third party to act on their behalf. 

If the OA has passed away, the new applicant is required to present proof of the OA's death (such as a death certificate issued by ICA), followed by making a statutory declaration to proceed with the application.

The list of NEA-registered contractors can be accessed via the following link: https://www.nea.gov.sg/docs/default-source/our-services/after-death/list-of-registered-contractors---26032024.pdf

There is no service fee for surrendering the niche lease. However, there are charges for applying for a new niche at Choa Chu Kang Columbarium, as outlined below:

  • Standard Niche - $500

  • Family Niche - $900

An additional selection fee of $250 will be imposed if you wish to select a specific niche location. Otherwise, the system will automatically allocate a niche sequentially based on its allocation logic.

Should you have any further feedback or suggestion, please contact us via the OneService (www.oneservice.gov.sg) or the myENV (www.nea.gov.sg/myenv) mobile applications. Alternatively, you may reach us via the Online Feedback Form available on the NEA website (www.nea.gov.sg/feedback)

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