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How do I bring ashes back to Singapore from overseas?



If you wish to bring human ashes back to Singapore, you will have to:

  • place the ashes in a covered urn or container during travel (choose a non-metallic urn so that they can be x-rayed during security screenings).

  • make sure that a copy of the death certificate and cremation certificate (both in English) are accompanying the urn during travel. You will need to get an English translation of these documents if they are issued in another language. Translations from private organizations are accepted.

  • contact the airline to find out whether you can carry the ashes as hand luggage or as checked-in luggage.

There is no requirement for a permit to bring human ashes back to Singapore. However, each country has its own rules about departing with human ashes and there may be additional requirements. Contact the nearest Singapore Overseas Mission for advice. If you wish to bring human ashes back to Singapore,

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