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Why have “Halal Non-Alcoholic Beverages (wine, beer, spirits)” been certified halal when they are considered non-Halal for Muslims consumption?



The “Halal Non-Alcoholic Beverages (wine, beer, spirits)” are Halal certified by a certifying body in other countries. These certifying bodies are guided by their own interpretations of the Islamic law or halal committees in their own countries.

Muis Halal certification standards are guided by the Muis Fatwa Committee which comprises the Mufti of Singapore, local asatizahs and scholars.

Muis Halal certification does not certify as halal any product that contains any amount of alcohol derived from the alcoholic industry and/or products marketed as alcohol-removed beverages and/or any related products of similar nature or branding.

In addition, all Muis Halal certified establishments are not allowed to serve any non-alcoholic beverages or any related products of similar nature within their Halal certified premises.

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