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Why is the withdrawal amount for MediSave Care capped at $200 monthly (or $2,400 yearly)?



In deciding the MediSave Care withdrawal amount for long-term care, the Government took into account the basic long-term care costs for a range of services and settings, other sources of long-term care funding such as Government subsidies and assistance schemes, community support, personal savings, family support and Government-funded safety nets, as well as the need to balance withdrawal amounts with MediSave adequacy.

The Government will continue to regularly review the healthcare financing framework, including MediSave withdrawal limits, to ensure that basic long-term care costs remain affordable for Singaporeans.

For other forms of assistance in managing your long-term care costs, you may wish to apply for Government support schemes such as CareShield Life and ElderFund. If you are still unable to pay for your care even after Government subsidies and other means of support, there are other forms of assistance such as MediFund and ComCare.

This information provided here is sourced from the MOH website.

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