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Will my MediSave Care withdrawal limit automatically change as and when my MediSave balance changes?



The monthly cash withdrawal quantum is based on your MediSave balance, or the maximum withdrawal amount that you set when applying for MediSave Care (whichever is lower). 

MediSave Balances and corresponding Monthly Withdrawal Quantum

MediSave BalanceMonthly Withdrawal Quantum
$20,000 and above$200
$15,000 and above$150
$10,000 and above$100
$5,000 and above$50
Below $5,000Nil ($0)

If you have received voluntary cash contribution from family members or Government top-ups, and the MediSave balance is in the higher tier once again, your corresponding withdrawal quantum will automatically increase.

This information provided here is sourced from the MOH website.

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