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I develop severe disability. Can I withdraw up to $200/month each from my own MediSave and another $200/month from my spouse’s MediSave (i.e. withdrawing a total of $400/month) under MediSave Care?



If you are eligible to apply for MediSave Care, you can only withdraw up to a combined total of $200 per month from your MediSave and/or your spouse’s MediSave.


1. Husband applies to withdraw $200 monthly from his own MediSave. That is the total maximum withdrawal limit allowed from his and his spouse’s MediSave.

2. If the husband has $12,000 in his MediSave, he is eligible to withdraw $100 monthly from his own MediSave. If his wife’s MediSave balance is at least $10,000, he can apply to withdraw an additional $100 monthly from his wife’s MediSave. The total monthly MediSave Care withdrawal from his and his spouse’s MediSave add up to a maximum of $200.

MediSave Balances and corresponding Monthly Withdrawal Quantum

MediSave BalanceMonthly Withdrawal Quantum
$20,000 and above$200
$15,000 and above$150
$10,000 and above$100
$5,000 and above$50
Below $5,000NIL ($0)

This information provided here is sourced from the MOH website.

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