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Are we eligible for higher subsidies if I/my family member am/is placed in a nursing home with higher fees?



For individuals who require nursing home care, the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) will work closely with the individual and family members to identify a suitable nursing home, taking into account the individual's needs and family's preferences, including financial considerations.

The Government provides subsidies to help with the costs of long-term care. The amount of subsidies each individual is eligible for is determined by means-testing and is not dependent on the fees charged by the nursing homes. Individuals from lower income households who meet the eligibility criteria will receive higher subsidies under the means-testing framework.

If you require additional assistance, you can tap on financial assistance schemes such as MediFund. Many nursing homes are also run by voluntary welfare organisations, and they may tap on charitable donations to provide further financial support to their residents after all other means of financial assistance and resources are exhausted.

This information provided here is sourced from the MOH website.

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