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I am a Pregnant patient. What should I do if I become unwell?



You are advised to recover, under the care of your doctors. Monitor yourself, and should there be signs and symptoms of concern while recovering at home, you should seek medical attention.

If your gestational age is 36 weeks or greater, you are advised to seek medical attention.

Persons with mild ARI symptoms should stay at home until symptoms resolve.

If you test positive with an ART test, you should regard yourself as being infected with COVID-19.

Avoid close contact with others while still symptomatic. You may return to normal activities when your symptoms resolve.

If you have a need to go out while symptomatic, please exercise social responsibility to avoid infecting others – wear a mask, minimise your social interactions and avoid crowded places, do not visit vulnerable settings such as hospitals and nursing homes, and avoid contact with vulnerable persons, such as the elderly.

If you are unable to avoid contact with vulnerable persons despite being symptomatic (e.g., due to essential work or caregiving responsibilities), do take additional necessary precautions (e.g., wearing a mask, practice good hand hygiene) when interacting with them, until you test negative.

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