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How can I obtain proof of vaccination and/or proof of recovery for overseas travel?



If you have received COVID-19 vaccinations in Singapore, you may obtain a Vaccination HealthCert certificate from Notαrise.

If you had previously tested positive for COVID-19 on a professionally administered or supervised test at a healthcare provider or test centre in Singapore, you may obtain a Recovery HealthCert from Notαrise.

The HealthCert format is digitally authenticated to provide assurance that the certificate has not been tampered with and can be trusted. They come with QR codes that can be easily shared to facilitate inspection and verification by overseas authorities.

For Singpass users

You can generate your HealthCerts by logging in to Notαrise using your Singpass account. Upon successful application, the HealthCert will be sent to your email inbox and Singpass app in approximately 15 minutes.

Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and Long Term Pass Holders aged 15 years and above are eligible for a Singpass account. You may register for one here if you have not yet done so. You will be able to generate your HealthCerts one day after creating your Singpass account.

Note: If you are a Long Term Pass Holder whose pass expired on or after 17 Feb 2022, you may still generate your HealthCerts using your Singpass account for 3 months after pass expiry.

If you are not eligible for Singpass or your Singpass account has expired

You may obtain your HealthCerts from Notαrise using your passport number.

If your vaccination or infection records were tagged to your FIN number which you no longer have, please submit a request to associate your records to your passport number. Processing time is about 2 – 4 weeks.

If you are unable to get your Vaccination HealthCert issued on the Notαrise portal, and urgently require your vaccination record for travel, you may wish to check with your destination country if your vaccination card/slip can be used as proof of vaccination. If you have misplaced your vaccination card/slip, you may approach the Medical Service Provider at your Vaccination Centre for assistance. For further assistance, please contact the MOH COVID-19 Vaccination Hotline at 6995 9199.

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