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What happens if I am tested positive?



If you test positive, you can recover at home if your home and household condition are deemed suitable, or at the Isolation Facility if household conditions are not suitable.

Your home is deemed suitable if it satisfies all conditions below:

  1. You can self-isolate in a bedroom with an attached bathroom, and there is an additional bathroom for other household members’ use.

  2. None of the other household members are (i) pregnant; (ii) children aged below 12 years; (iii) seniors aged 80 years and above; (iv) individuals who are undergoing dialysis, immunocompromised or on immunosuppressants; or (vi) individuals at higher risk of being infected (e.g., with caregiving needs).

  3. There are no pets at home. This is to avoid any animal-to-human transmission which may occur when an animal contracts mpox from an infected person and then spreads to other persons through bites, scratches or through direct contract with skin, mucosa, blood, and bodily fluids.

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