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How can I obtain an application form for copy right registration?



There are different types of Intellectual Property (IP)s such as Trade Mark and Copyright.  An (IP) protection is territorial in nature.  


Copyright-Refers to protection of literary works (for example: books, drawings, music, website):

Copyright protects literary works like novels, plays, drawings, paintings, sheet music, computer programme, websites. Generally, the author of a copyright work has the right to reproduce, publish, perform, communicate and adapt his work. These different exclusive rights form the bundle of rights that we call copyright.  An author automatically enjoys copyright protection as soon as he creates and expresses his original work in a tangible form, such as in a recording or writing. Originality simply means that there is a degree of independent effort in the creation of the work. 


In Singapore, there is no need to file for registration to get copyright protection.  However, there are a number of ways that you could preserve your interests.  You may,

  • Deposited a copy of your work with your lawyers or in a depository

  • Sent a copy of your work to yourself by post leaving the envelope unopened so that the date stamp and the unopened work could establish the date of the work’s existence

  • Made a declaration before a Commissioner of Oaths stating the facts of ownership and the date of creation


As the copyright owner, you will enjoy the exclusive rights to :

  • reproduce the work;

  • publish the work if the work is unpublished;

  • perform the work in public;

  • communicate the work to the public; and

  • make an adaptation of the work


For more information on copyright, you may refer here.

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