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What are the conditions to funding under the Revised Enhanced Mediation Promotion Scheme (REMPS)?



The following conditions must be satisfied in order to qualify for funding under the REMPS:

(i) Parties have an existing dispute before IPOS which is the subject-matter of a mediation on or after 1 April 2022, in any event, no later than 31 March 2025 or until the available funding is drawn down, whichever is earlier.

(ii) The mediation takes place in Singapore. This may include the use of video-conferencing to involve party representatives who are not able to be present in Singapore during the mediation, as long as the mediator is physically in Singapore during the mediation, and is a Singaporean or is based in Singapore.

(iii) Parties allow a "shadow" mediator appointed by IPOS from the Young IP Mediator Initiative to observe the mediation.

(iv) Parties disclose their lawyer / agent fees incurred from the start to the end of the IPOS proceedings.

(v) Parties give feedback on their mediation experience.

(vi) Parties agree to named publicity, excluding details of the settlement terms (such as the quantum of the settlement). The purpose of the named publicity is to give concrete, relatable examples to other businesses and individuals and thus encourage them to consider mediation. The amount of detail in the publicity is not expected to disclose much more than the identity of the parties, the nature of their disputes, the countries spanned by their disputes, the duration of their disputes, the parties' comments on the mediation process, any advice they have for others facing disputes etc.

(vii) Parties co-pay at least 20% of their lawyer / agent fees relating to mediation (and mediation-related disbursements charged by their lawyer / agent).

(viii) Parties submit their application for reimbursement with all the requisite documentation, except the agent fees incurerd after the mediation, within 1 month from the date of receipt issued by the mediation service provider or from the date of invoice and receipt (if any) issued by their lawyer / agent in relation to mediation-related agent fees, whichever is later. On this basis, IPOS will proceed with named publicity of the mediated case.

(ix) Parties submit the final outstanding information on agent fees incurred after mediation, within 1 month of the close of the IPOS proceedings by way of an updated application for reimbursement. Please note that non-compliance with this deadline will render the relevant party ineligible for funding.

Important: You and the other party must agree to waive confidentiality (to a limited extent) in order to meet condition (vi) above.

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