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Under what grounds can a complaint be raised against a registered patent agent?



Yes. A complaint may be raised on the grounds stated in rule 17(1)(a) to (g) of the Patents (Patent Agents) Rules 2001 that a registered patent agent : 
- has been convicted of a criminal offence; 
- has been guilty of fraudulent or grossly improper conduct in carrying out patent agency work; 
- has been adjudicated bankrupt; 
- has allowed any person who is not a registered patent agent to carry out any patent agency work in his name, where that other person was not under his direct supervision and immediate control and supervision when carrying out the work; 
- has obtained registration as a patent agent or a practising certificate by fraud or misrepresentation; 
- has breached any condition to which his registration or the issue of his practising certificate is subject, or has breached any undertaking made to the Registrar; or 
- has been guilty of conduct unbefitting a member of his profession.

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