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Is my trade mark registrable?



Your trade mark is a marketing tool and your trade mark must distinguish your goods or services from others in the relevant industry. If you file an application to register your trade mark with IPOS, it will be examined to determine if your trade mark fulfils this criteria.

As such, you should avoid applying for trade marks that:
(i) denote the characteristics of your goods or services, such as the kind, quality, intended purpose, or geographical origin of the goods or services;
(ii) consist of common surnames or geographical names;
(iii) conflict with an earlier trade mark used on similar goods or services; or
(iv) mislead the public about the nature of the goods or services. You are advised to conduct an online search via IPOS Digital Hub to check our Register for identical or similar trade marks that may be filed earlier for similar goods or services.

Your trade mark application may face an objection if there are such identical/similar trade marks.

You may refer to our Trade Marks Work Manual (under the section "Guides") for a more comprehensive understanding on our examination practices.

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