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How does a Case Management Conference (CMC) benefit me?



A Case Management Conference (CMC) allows both parties and the Registrar to discuss the conduct of the case. It also provides parties an opportunity to engage each other on the possibility of settlement.

At the CMC, you will benefit from a clearer understanding of the advantages of mediation (see FAQs on mediation) with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center and how this may help you reach a win-win solution with the other party in your particular case.

The Registrar will also issue timelines for both parties to file evidence. With this, you can better manage your time and balance the need to negotiate and make preparations to file evidence as it becomes due. For parties who inform the Registrar that they cannot or do not want to settle, the timelines will be shorter so that they can resolve their dispute at a full hearing earlier.

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