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Can I use copyright content in my work?



a. You can use these images and clipart in your proposal if permitted by the terms and conditions of use. Look for these terms and conditions on the website and in the software agreement that comes with the software. Copyright in images and clipart includes the right to make copies, such as when you electronically include them in your proposal. Making copies without the copyright owner's permission will infringe his copyright, so make sure your use is covered by the terms and conditions, or otherwise with the copyright owner's consent.

b. Similarly, newspaper/magazine/journal articles are also protected by copyright. You need the copyright owners' consent to make copies before annexing them to your proposal, unless the use falls within the “fair use” exception under sections 190 – 194 of the Copyright Act . “Fair use” includes situations of news reporting and criticisms or review. For such uses, you will need to make a sufficient acknowledgement of the work used.

On the other hand, you can annex the actual articles, as clipped from the newspaper/magazine/journal, to your proposal without making copies.

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