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How can I access HealthHub and Healthier SG-related functions on behalf of my loved ones? Can I assist my family members to enrol in Healthier SG? Can we enrol our care recipients or family members?



Yes, with the consent of your family members, you can be given access to help them enrol in Healthier SG and view their Health Plans on the HealthHub app.

Please follow the steps in the below graphics to set up access as a caregiver on your care recipient's HealthHub app.


Please ensure that your care recipient have enabled "Healthier SG" access in the Caregiver's Details page (as shown in Step 5).

Next, you can then add your care recipient (or loved ones) under "People under my care".


After it has been added successfully, you can view your care recipient's user profile in the Health Profiles page. You may continue to assist your loved ones to enrol in Healthier SG and access Healthier SG related functions on their behalf by following the below steps.


For more information on how to add a caregiver and control your caregiver's access to your health records, please refer to the HealthHub FAQs under the section "Caregiver Access".

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