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Why do I need to visit the clinic after enrolment? What can I expect at this first Health Plan consultation session?



During the Health Plan consultation at your enrolled Healthier SG clinic, the doctor will discuss your health, and co-create a Health Plan that works for you. This could include:


·       Discussing ways to improve your health, such as by making lifestyle adjustments;

·       Reviewing what health screenings and vaccinations you need; and

·       Booking your next health check-in.


Your first onboarding Health Plan consultation will be fully-subsidised, and upon completion you will earn bonus Healthpoints (via the Healthy 365 app).


Nationally recommended screenings and vaccinations will be fully-subsidised at your enrolled clinic if you are eligible.


If you are visiting your enrolled clinic for other non-Healthier SG consultations (e.g. for illness) at the same time as the first Health Plan visit, that portion of the non-Healthier SG consultation will be chargeable.

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