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How can I check if I have taken the pneumococcal vaccine before?



You have three options:

  1. Book your appointment for vaccination. When you come in for the appointment, the doctor at the clinic will assess you prior to vaccination and provide you with further guidance. (Note: If you make an appointment booking, you are authorising the GP clinic to check your immunisation records and CHAS eligibility.)

  2. Check with your regular clinic if they have any record that you have received the pneumococcal vaccination previously after the age of 65. For pneumococcal vaccination (PPSV23) taken before the age of 65, it is recommended to repeat the vaccination.

  3. Look at your immunisation record on National Immunisation Registry . You need to check that you have received both the PCV13 and PPSV23 vaccinations for best protection against Pneumococcal Disease (i.e. PPSV23 after 65 years old).

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