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What are the available CCAs? Can my son join more than one CCA?



Every CHS student is expected to participate in a CCA from the four CCA groups, namely, Physical Sports, Uniformed Groups, Performing Arts and Clubs & Societies.

Students are encouraged to focus on joining one CCA for a balanced and holistic development portfolio.

  • CHS offers the following CCAs for 2023 Level 1 students (of which all are core CCAs, i.e. students‚Äô main CCA):

    • Physical Sports: Basketball, Floorball, Softball, Table Tennis, Track & Field (Including Cross-Country), Volleyball and Wushu

    • Uniformed Groups: National Cadet Corp (Air), National Cadet Corp (Land), National Police Cadet Corp, Scouts and St John Brigade

    • Performing Arts: Modern Dance , Chinese Drama , English Drama, Edward Becheras Choir, Chinese Orchestra and Symphony Band

    • Club/Society: i-Media, Occulus, Nucleii (I.O.N.) (Audio/Visual, Photography/ Videography, Computational Thinking)

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