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Can I offer/don't offer Higher Chinese (HCL)?



CHS is a SAP school, and we aim to have students learn their mother tongue to the highest level possible for each individual student. Our Integrated Programme (IP) students offer HCL in their first two years (Years 1 and 2), and they typically go on to offer HCL in Years 3 and 4. We encourage all our students to offer HCL as far as they could and if they qualify. On top of improving their cultural intelligence quotient and world readiness skill set, offering HCL will open opportunities and pathways for our students long after they have completed secondary education. SP students can offer both CL or HCL throughout their 4 years with CHS, so long as they qualify, i.e. they are offered HCL or CL by MOE upon receiving their PSLE results for Sec 1 registration. In addition, for SP students, a pass in HCL will provide 2 bonus points for admission to JCs; both SP and IP students who achieve at least a D7 in HCL will be exempted from offering H1 Chinese in JCs.

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