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My child already owns a learning device. Do I still have to opt-in purchase of the PLD?



We strongly encourage parents to purchase the school’s PLD as we would like to ensure that your child is able to enjoy the same learning experience and platform as their classmates; as well as benefit from the 3-year warranty + 3-year insurance covered during their education years in BBSS.

If your child prefers to use their personal device (i.e. not Chromebook), kindly note the following:

  • Incompatibility issues may occur when installing certain softwares and/or applications;

  • Parents may have to resort to visiting external shops for repairs if the device faces software/hardware issues, as there is no warranty and insurance coverage under the school;

  • Due to the nature of the Device Management Application (DMA), the school is only be able to support Chrome OS devices i.e. Chromebooks.

Important Note: Please do not resort to installing Chromium OS or Chrome OS in a Windows or Android device in order to convert it into a “Chromebook”.

If your child’s personal device is a Chromebook, the school will then ascertain whether:

  1. The technical specifications and features of her personal device are on par with (or better than) the school-prescribed Chromebook; and

  2. It meets the minimum requirement and OS version to support the DMA, based on MOE’s checklist and criteria.

Upon completing and passing the assessment, the school will then assist to install the DMA in your child’s personal device (which can then be uninstalled upon graduation).

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