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What is Device Management Application (DMA)?



A Device Management Application (“DMA”) will come pre-installed on all PLDs purchased through the school, and will be installed on all student-owned devices subject to parental/guardian consent. The DMA has 3 main components which will support the use of the PLD in the classroom and safeguard students’ cyber wellness:

  1. Classroom Management Service. This enables teachers to manage the students’ use of the PLD during lesson time to improve classroom management and support effective teaching and learning.

  2. Mobile Device Management Service. This facilitates the updating and managing of the PLD, protects the PLD from malicious software, and protects students from objectionable internet content.

  3. Usage Management Service. This enables the school and/or parents/guardians to better supervise and set helpful limits for students’ use of PLD after school.

The DMA software, Mobile Guardian, will be installed on your child’s PLD to provide a safe learning experience for your child, and to prevent misuse of the device.

  • Installation of the DMA will be performed after the collection of the device. Students will be guided on the installation.

  • This applies to both devices purchased through the school and pre-existing student-owned devices.

The DMA will be funded by MOE and will be uninstalled from the device when your child graduates from our school.

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