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What Government subsidies or incentives are available to help me with my CareShield Life premiums? Will there be transitional subsidies?



To ensure that CareShield Life premiums are affordable, the Government has committed to providing several premium support measures when the scheme is launched:

  • Means-tested premium subsidies of up to 30% of premiums of CareShield Life, to help lower- to middle-income households.

  • Transitional subsidies for the first 5 years from launch of CareShield Life for Singapore Citizens born in 1980 or later, to ease their transition into the scheme.

  • Participation incentives of up to $2,500 to encourage Singapore Citizens, if they join within the first two years the scheme is available for sign-ups from end-2021 onwards, to encourage those born in 1979 or earlier to join CareShield Life.

  • Additional participation incentives of $1,500 for Merdeka and Pioneer Generation citizens within the first two years the scheme is available for sign-ups from end-2021 onwards

  • Additional Premium Support for Singaporeans who are unable to pay their CareShield Life premiums even after premium subsidies, so that no one will lose coverage under CareShield Life due to their inability to pay premiums.

You may wish to refer to the premium calculator at https://www.moh.gov.sg/careshieldlife/about-careshield-life/careshield-life-premium-calculator for information on estimated premiums and premium support.

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