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On my debit card statement, I saw multiple entries titled ‘Parking Pending’ in addition to the ‘Parking Bill’ corresponding to the batched charges. Can you confirm that I have not been double charged? Will the ‘Parking Pending’ disappear?



You have not been double charged. Our app batches up multiple past parking sessions into a single card statement. Parking session payments will be batched into bills every $5 or 2 days (whichever is earlier).

You may refer to the following for more details:

1. You create a parking session with the app. A pending transaction appears on your card statement, on the day of the transaction, following the pattern "Parking.sg PENDING"

2. Each time you create a new parking session, a new pending transaction appears on your card statement

3. After 2 days, or after your pending transactions exceed $5, our billing system consolidates all those pending transactions into a single, new transaction. This is then charged to your card, and appears something like "Parking.sg Bill_abc123"

4. Thereafter, all your individual pending transactions will be cancelled.

5. The 'Bill' tab on your parking history page shows very clearly when each bill is created, and which parking session corresponds to which bill. This should remove any doubt

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