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Currently there are 2 parking apps on market, which is Parking@HDB (for HDB EPS parking only) and Parking.Sg (for all types of public parking).

May i check if i enter into a HDB parking that have EPS and at the same time, if i accidentally making payment via Parking.Sg, will i being immediately notify and reject by Parking.Sg for payment? Otherwise, i will prone to make duplicate car park payment. Just want to ensure, both Parking@HDB and Parking.Sg system are sync to each other simultaneously so that duplicate payment can be avoided.



Parking.sg is used for coupon car parks as an alternative for the paper coupons. Parking.sg does not contain any car parks that are installed with the EPS gantries, so you will not be able to trigger a parking session for a car park implemented with the EPS. Payment for car parks implemented with the EPS will be made through the existing IU.

Parking@HDB is a parking system that is currently trialed at car parks implemented with the pilot Smart Parking System. Similarly, you will not be able to trigger any parking sessions from parking.sg when entering car parks implemented with Smart Parking.

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