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We have written our wills with the lawyer but was told to do a Data Migration via Gov Portal using Singpass. Is there a new regulation for all wills and LPA to be stored in Gov Portal? Is there any payment to be made for the Data Migration? Is there any imposed deadline for data migration?



It is not mandatory for wills to be stored in a government portal. If you’d like to deposit information about your Wills, we can offer two possible options:

Option 1: To Deposit at Singapore Academy of Law (SAL)’s Wills Registry

You can do so at Singapore Academy of Law (SAL)’s Wills Registry: https://wills.sal.sg/WillHome/Index. SAL keeps the following information in the Registry:

  1. Details of the person making the Will i.e. testator.

  2. Date of the Will

  3. Details of the person who drew up the Will.

  4. Details of where the Will is held.

Please note that SAL does not keep a copy of the actual will. You may also wish to note that there are fees chargeable for depositing or searching for a record of the Will. You may refer to their FAQ page for more details or contact them at 6332 4388 or wills@sal.org.sg for more information.

Option 2: To Deposit at My Legacy’s Vault

You can also choose to deposit information about your will in My Legacy’s Vault. This is free of charge and you’d be able to share the information with a trusted person. Please see attached for a step-by-step guide on how to do so. With My Legacy Vault, you can also choose to do the same for your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) or other important pre-planning documents like your Advance Care Plan (ACP), CPF Nominations etc.

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