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Why am I unable to download the digital death certificate?



Please check if you have entered the information - i.e. death certificate number, date of death and deceased's NRIC number correctly.

If you have the Confirmation of Death number but do not have the death certficate number, you should contact the doctor or hospital to ask for the death certficate number, as the doctor may have overlooked to input the Confirmation of Death number into the system. In the absence of a death certificate, you can use the Confirmation of Death document to arrange for the funeral and apply for cremation/burial.

If you do not have this document, please approach the doctor/hospital for it. If doctor has already certified the death online, you may try to download the digital death certificate 24 hours later. If the digital death certificate still cannot be downloaded, you may contact ICA at ICA_DPU_RBD@ica.gov.sg for assistance.

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