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Am I allowed to combine the intention to fast the sunnah six days in Syawal simultaneously with qada fasting?



There are two views regarding this issue.

Some scholars are of the view that it is not allowed to combine the intention of doing recommended (Sunnah) religious deeds with obligatory (Wajib) religious deeds.

Imam As-Shafi’i in his book Al-‘Umm stated: “It is important for us to differentiate the intention between fasting in Ramadan, fasting for Nazar, fasting for Kaffarah, and also between fasting for qada, fasting that is obligatory (Wajib), and fasting that is recommended (Sunnah).” Imam Jalaluddin As-Suyuti (in his book Al-Ashbah Wa An-Naza’ir) is also of the view that it is important to differentiate between intentions to fast in Ramadan, fast for Nazar, and fast that is Sunnah.”

However, other scholars, such as Imam Al-Ramli and Imam Ibnu Hajar Al-Haitami1, are of the view that the reward for the six days of fasting in Syawal can be obtained with the intention to carry out qada fasting.

In view of the scholarly differences in this matter, both views can be used as consideration by each individual, depending on their personal capabilities.

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