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I currently have an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) that covers me for Class A / Private Hospitals, but the premiums are getting more expensive especially as I get older. Should I switch to the Standard IP?



If you are concerned with being able to afford the premiums of your Integrated Shield Plan (IP) as you get older, you can consider switching to a more affordable IP, including the Standard IP, or to MediShield Life, in line with your circumstances and preferences for hospitalisation coverage.

For example, if you intend to use Class B2/C wards but have an insurance plan intended for private hospitalisation, you may wish to adjust your coverage to MediShield Life. Or, if you intend to use Class B1 wards and are satisfied with the Standard IP benefits, you may wish to adjust your coverage to the Standard IP, subject to your affordability level.

The premiums of the Standard IP will be higher than MediShield Life premiums, as it provides additional coverage up to B1 wards.

You should carefully consider your insurance coverage and get a plan that meets your needs, taking into consideration your preferred ward class and affordability of premiums over the long-term.

You may wish to speak to your financial advisor who will be able to advise on your options. You can also refer to a comparison of IP benefits and premiums at this link.

This information provided here is sourced from the MOH website.

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