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If I downgrade to a lower coverage Integrated Shield Plan (IP) or to MediShield Life, or switch to an IP with another insurer, will I need to go through health assessment/ underwriting again?



You can downgrade your plan to a lower coverage plan with the same insurer at any point in time, without additional underwriting involved. You can also drop your IP at any point in time, and continue with MediShield Life coverage.

If you switch your plan from one insurer to another insurer, your original Integrated Shield Plan (IP) under your original insurer will be automatically terminated. You will also need to undergo underwriting again when you switch to the plan under the new insurer. You may lose coverage for existing medical conditions covered by your original plan, and may not be able to re-apply for your original coverage later. Regardless of any changes in your IP, you will remain continuously covered by MediShield Life without any exclusions.

Please speak to your financial advisor to find out more about the implications of switching plans before making your decision. Please also highlight any medical conditions you have to your financial advisor. 

This information provided here is sourced from the MOH website.

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