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What does it mean if I have an exclusion on the Additional private insurance coverage component but not on the MediShield Life component? How do I find out what exclusion I have?



Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) comprise 2 components – the MediShield Life component and the additional private insurance coverage. Those covered under IPs enjoy the combined benefits of MediShield Life, which is run by the Central Provident Fund Board, and the additional benefits of the additional private insurance coverage, which is run by private insurers.

As MediShield Life covers all pre-existing conditions, all IP policyholders will also enjoy MediShield Life coverage for any pre-existing conditions, even if the private insurer has imposed an exclusion for the pre-existing conditions on the additional private insurance coverage component of your IP.

If you are hospitalised for the excluded condition, you will not be able to claim for coverage under the additional private insurance component under your IP. You will be able to claim for coverage under MediShield Life.

To find out more about your specific exclusion, please contact your financial advisor or private insurer.

This information provided here is sourced from the MOH website.

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