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Will those who are less well-off and unable to pay their premiums face these premium recovery measures?



Before the premium recovery measures start, there will be many efforts to enable Singaporeans to pay for their premiums, and outreach to invite them to ask for further assistance if needed.

The Government will provide strong support for premiums:

a. Premium Subsidies (up to 50%) for lower- to middle-income Singapore Residents with household monthly income per person of $2,800 and below  and living in residences with an Annual Value of $25,000 and below. 

b. Additional Merdeka Generation Subsidies of up to 10% for all MGs, on top of above premium subsidies. MGs will also receive annual MediSave top-ups of $200 from 2019 to 2023, which can be used to pay premiums.

c. Special Pioneer Generation (PG) Subsidies of up to 60% for all PG seniors. PGs will also receive lifetime annual Medisave top-up of $250 - $900 a year, which can be used to pay premiums. Older PGs (aged 82 years old and above in 2021) who have serious pre-existing conditions will also receive an additional one-off annual MediSave top-up of $50-$200 for five years, from 2021 to 2025. PGs aged 87 years old and above in 2021 will have premiums fully covered by the government, while younger PGs will have about two-thirds of premiums covered.

In addition, MediSave may be used to pay the full MediShield Life premiums after subsidies. Singapore Residents can also use their MediSave to help pay for their family members’ premiums.

Measures to help with premium payment include:

a.     Helping to keep MediSave contributions current. As MediShield Life premiums are deducted from a policyholder’s MediSave Account, the first step is to ensure that MediSave contributions are kept current.

b.     Supporting switch of payment to other family members’ MediSave accounts. If an insured person has insufficient MediSave balance, immediate family members such as parents and spouses can help to use their MediSave to pay for their premiums.

c.     Regular reminder letters to top up the insured’s MediSave Account and to pay MediShield Life premiums.

The Government will also provide Additional Premium Support for the needy who face difficulties in paying premiums even after the subsidies and other payment measures.

This information provided here is sourced from the MOH website.

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