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Am I eligible for Additional Premium Support if I have an Integrated Shield Plan and/or active-paying ElderShield/CareShield Life Supplement?



If you were approved for Additional Premium Support (APS) before CSHL implementation and have purchased an active-paying ESH supplement, you will continue to receive APS for premiums for the two years after the approval. However, your APS will cease immediately if you purchase an Integrated Shield Plan.

If you purchase an active-paying ESH / CSHL Supplement after CSHL implementation, you will not be eligible for APS. This is to ensure that APS is targeted at members who are needy and have financial difficulties.

Should you have difficulty paying the premiums for your Integrated Sheld Plan or active-paying ElderShield / CareShield Life Supplement, you may wish to approach your financial advisor to review your healthcare insurance coverage needs.

This information provided here is sourced from the MOH website.

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