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To receive Premium Subsidies, why is the household monthly income per person criteria set at $2,800 (applicable for renewals from 1 September 2019)? Does this mean if I earn above $2,800, I am considered high income and cannot receive any Premium Subsidies?



The $2,800 figure refers to the household monthly income per person, which is based on the total income earned by a family staying in the same residential address, divided by the number of members of that family.

So, if the total income earned by family members is $10,000, and there are four members in the family, then the household monthly income per person is $2,500, and the family would qualify for subsidies. 

This is a fairer way of calculating the need for subsidies, because a family with more members may need more support, even if the total income they make is quite high.

Families in a lower household income category will get a higher subsidy rate. In this way, we give more help to those who have less resources and need more help.  This is part of being a compassionate and inclusive society.

This information provided here is sourced from the MOH website.

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