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With an ageing population, healthcare costs are expected to increase significantly. Is it possible to provide incentives such as premium discounts to encourage and reward healthy living through MediShield Life? Can there be a “No-claim Bonus” for MediShield Life, to incentivise healthy living or reward those who remain healthy and have not made claims? With lower claims, there will be premium savings in the long term.



It is important to encourage Singaporeans to adopt healthy living habits, so as to reduce the likelihood and delay the onset of illnesses. However, a ‘no-claims discount’ would penalise Singaporeans, especially the elderly, for illnesses and large bills that they may inevitably face throughout their lives. It could also discourage Singaporeans from seeking early diagnosis and treatment, for fear of losing their discount. This could lead to poorer health and higher healthcare cost down the road when the condition exacerbates, and complications set in.

Hence, introducing a “no-claims bonus” may not be the way to incentivise a healthy lifestyle. Instead, the Government will continue other efforts to encourage healthy living, and these can help manage healthcare costs over time. For example, the Health Promotion Board has been rolling out various initiatives, such as rewards and vouchers for participation in the ‘National Steps Challenge’ and ‘Eat, Drink, Shop Healthy Challenge’.

This information provided here is sourced from the MOH website.

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