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What must I do and not do during home quarantine?



  • Keep windows closed if PUQ is to isolate in a room with windows that open to a common corridor

  • Keep linen and clothing used by PUQ away from non-PUQ(s)

  • Wash laundry of PUQ and non-PUQ separately

  • Disinfect taps, surfaces and toilet seats, if toilet is shared between PUQ(s) and non-PUQ(s)

  • Dispose trash after midnight if rubbish chute is at a common area, if it is to be done by a PUQ

  • No physical contact between PUQ(s) and non-PUQ(s) household members

  • No visitor during period of quarantine

  • On completion of quarantine, clean and disinfect entire dwelling place following NEA’s guidelines or engage the service of a NEA approved vendor

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