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What are COVID-19 Treatment facilities (CTF)s?



COVID-19 Treatment Facilities (CTFs) are facilities dedicated to the recovery of patients who are:

  • Stable, mildly symptomatic, clinically well

  • Have underlying chronic illnesses or comorbidities (e.g. cardiac, neurological or respiratory diseases, or weakened immune response), that could make them more susceptible to a potential worsening of illness.

While this group of patients are not at a high risk of worsening illness — e.g. requiring oxygen supplementation, care in the intensive care unit (ICU) — they require closer monitoring of their pre-existing medical conditions, as well as for any early signs of worsening illness. Patients whose health condition deteriorates will be immediately sent to a hospital for a higher level of care.

Admission to a CTF will be determined by a doctor and prevailing charges will apply.

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