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Why does the Government conduct procurement using GeBIZ rather than source for quotes directly from suppliers?



It is fairer and more transparent for all quotations and tenders to be called openly through GeBIZ as this gives all suppliers an equal opportunity to participate, rather than limiting the notice to only suppliers who are informed by the procuring agency.  GeBIZ has built-in functions to safeguard the confidentiality of the bids submitted. The schedule of bids received and award notice for open quotations and tenders are published after the close of the quotation/tender to ensure transparency.  It is simple and free* for suppliers to register as GeBIZ trading partners. They may also sign up for RSS or email alerts of relevant business opportunities whenever they are published on GeBIZ.  Government agencies may also alert suppliers to opportunities that are published openly in GeBIZ, through the GeBIZ alert services or the agencys website. This is to ensure that the procurement opportunity is publicised widely, while ensuring that procurement is carried out in a transparent manner via a single platform.  * for the first account

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