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Why are Past Reserves used to fund land-related projects?



Past Reserves are used to fund land-related projects such as land reclamation and the creation of underground space [2] like the Jurong Rock Cavern as well as land acquisition projects like Selective En-bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) [3]. This is a conversion of Past Reserves from one form (financial assets) to another (State land). The land and space that is created or acquired forms part of our State land holdings and is hence protected as Past Reserves. Further, when such land or space is subsequently sold, the proceeds accrue fully to Past Reserves. There is thus no drawdown of Past Reserves.   [2] Past Reserves are used to fund only expenditure directly related to the creation of land, but not for the construction of infrastructure on the land.  [3] Past Reserves are used to fund only the land component of the total compensation of the acquisition costs.

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