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How will land ownership be transferred from the Government to the private sector under PPP?



In some PPP projects, the private sector will own the facilities and the land which the facilities sit on. In such cases, the private sector will lease the land from the Government, or other land owners where applicable, to develop the facilities to deliver services to the public sector over the PPP contract life.  However, not all PPP projects need involve land ownership by the PPP provider. In some cases, the Government will choose to retain ownership of land and the facilities (upon completion). The private sector PPP provider will still be engaged to maintain and operate the facilities but the title to the land and properties will remain within the public sector. The PPP provider then does not need to raise financing to pay for the purchase of the land.  The specific arrangements on the ownership of the land and buildings thereon will have to be determined on a case by case basis depending on the nature of the PPP project.

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