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Clarity needed for Gardasil 9 vaccination

Hi, I am 25 this year and had taken the first 2 doses of Gardasil 9 a few years ago but didn’t complete the full 3 doses. I found out that I had also previously had a complete 3 doses of the vaccine (not sure which) when I was in secondary school, thus didn’t complete the 3rd dosage of Gardasil 9 as previously mentioned. Is it advisable to: 1) Get the 3rd dosage of Gardasil 9, 2) Restart the 3 doses of HPV vaccination, or 3) Not receive any more vaccines due to having already completed the full course in secondary school Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!



As you have completed the full HPV vaccination course during secondary school, there is no need to take another dose. There is no requirement to stick to a specific vaccine type.

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