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Unsure if I have taken the HPV vaccine, if I take again, is it okay?

Hi, I'm unsure if I have taken the vaccine. I tried to look at my health hub app, I do not see that I haven taken the HPV vaccine. Will it be okay if I take the HPV vaccine 2 cycle? Incase I have really had the HPV vaccine before but is unaware of it. Thanks!



Singaporeans who are born in 1996 or later are able to access their vaccination records via HealthHub with their Singpass.

Those who are born earlier (i.e. before 1996) are also able to access their vaccination records via HealthHub. However, records are only available for vaccinations under the National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS), which were given on or after 1 Nov 2017, and notified accordingly.


To view your immunisation records in HealthHub, login and click on Services > Health Records > Immunisation Records > Nationally Recommended.


If you have already taken two or three doses of the HPV vaccine (refer to dosage information here), there is no need to repeat the vaccination course.

If you are unsure about having taken the HPV vaccine, please book an appointment via book.health.gov.sg to receive medical advice from a GP.

Subsidy eligibility applies.

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