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Delay in taking HPV2 dose

I have received a message from MOH to receive the HPV2 vaccination and it mentioned that I would have to take it before my 26th birthday (in November). However, I am currently living in New York (America) and would be unlikely to take it by my birthday as I will only likely be back in December. Is there any way I can push back the deadline so I can still be subsidised? Thank you!



Subsidies for Singapore citizen females aged 18 – 26 years are applicable if the first dose is taken before the 27th birthday. If you are turning 26 this Nov, and will be returning in Dec, you can still benefit from the subsidies.

However, if you are turning 27 this November, you may take the first dose in New York, and take the second and third dose in Singapore. Subsidies will only be applicable for the second and third dose taken locally and will depend on the CHAS category that you are in.

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