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I made top-ups to my Special Account before turning 55. What will happen to the top-ups when I turn 55?



Source: https://www.cpf.gov.sg/member

When you turn 55, the top-ups made to your Special Account and accrued interest will be transferred to your Retirement Account (RA) up to your Full Retirement Sum (FRS).

Please note that top-up monies are meant to build up your retirement savings and cannot be withdrawn for other purposes. Read more on how the top-ups will be used.

If you are 55 or above and have excess savings above your FRS, you can apply to withdraw them for your immediate needs anytime. Alternatively, you can make top-ups to your RA (up to the current Enhanced Retirement Sum) to enjoy higher monthly payouts in retirement.

This information provided here is sourced from the CPF website.

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