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My child/ward has SEN and is entering the Junior College / Millenia Institute / Polytechnic / ITE after graduating from your school. How would transition of his SEN information and documents be like?

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In September in your child's/ward's graduating year, a Consent Form will be sent via Parents Gateway by our HoD/Learning and Behavioural Support to you, for you to indicate your consent or non-consent for our school to transit the SEN information and documents to the Polytechnic and ITE which your child/ward is eventually posted to, after the posting results is out. For students progressing to a Junior College or Millenia Institute immediately after Secondary 4/5, their SEN information and documents will be automatically transferred from us to the receiving Junior College or Millenia Institute. In this instance, no information will be passed to any Polytechnic or ITE. The transition of the SEN information and documents will only be done after posting results is out and not before, so it will not affect your child's/ward's application for EAE (Polytechnic), EAE (ITE) and his eventual posting to the Polytechnic and ITE which is based on his academic performance. You must indicate your consent or non-consent even if your child/ward is likely to pursue the Junior College / Millenia pathway and/or has been accepted via DSA (JC). We cannot submit a NIL response to MOE. Please adhere strictly to the submission deadline indicated in the Consent Form sent via Parents Gateway so that transition can be smooth for your child/ward from our school to his eventual posted Insitute of Higher Learning.

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