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What are the support that your school can provide to my child/ward with SEN?

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Our Special Educational Needs Officers will look through the information and documents on your child/ward, gather observations and feedback from his Form Teachers, Subject Teachers and CCA Teachers, speak to your child/ward and also speak to you as parents/guardians at times too, to understand the current needs of your child/ward. Our Special Educational Needs Officers would then provide you with their proposals of how your child/ward can be supported in school, home or even through external professionals, depending on your child's/ward's needs. Please kindly note that our Special Educational Needs Officers are not able to provide every student with SEN with intervention support because we have a high number of students in SEN in our school and there are variations in each student's needs. And if your child/ward is already being supported through external professionals, we will appreciate it if you can provide their contact details to our Special Educational Needs Officers so they can work closely with these external professionals, to ensure there is consistency in our approaches and support for your child/ward, both in and out of school.

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