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How do I apply for MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE FAS) for my child/ward?

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You can understand more about the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE FAS) at this website
It shows the eligibility criteria, the financial assistance provided along with a Financial assistance eligibility checker available for your use to find out if you are eligible for application.

You can either download the application form from LINK or approach our admin staff at our school's General Office for a hardcopy form.

Complete the application form and provide all necessary supporting documents that are required and submit them back to us either via email or in-person at our school's General Office.

Please note that if there are missing supporting documents or if those that are submitted are not up to date, your application process would be delayed as we need to get everything in order to submit to MOE for their approval.

The processing and approval of your application will take time by MOE so it is strongly advised that you apply earlier so to be able to receive the approval letter before the start of the new school year, to allow you more time to purchase the books and uniforms for your child/ward to prepare for the new school year.

Application for MOE FAS is open throughout the school year and not only restricted to either start of or end of the school year.

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