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What are the advantages/ disadvantages if my son/ward takes MTL?

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Advantages: For Asian Languages (CSP/MSP/Bahasa Indonesia/Arabic), it opens up new horizons to better understand and appreciate Malay, Indonesian or Arabic culture. It also facilitates better interaction with native speakers and enhances future learning experiences and job opportunities. Students who received a pass in Chinese or Malay Special Programmes or Bahasa Indonesia will receive 2 bonus points (deduction of 2 points from L1R5 for JC/MI admission) For Foreign Languages ( French / German / Japanese / Spanish), they open doors to tertiary education & scholarships in France, Germany, Japan and Spain; they also increase job opportunities in MNCs in Singapore, and local enterprises with overseas networks or operations in Europe, the Americas and Japan. Third language can be used towards L1R5 computation. Disadvantages: Limitation in CCA choices. Students who wish to offer a Third language should take note that their CCA should not clash with their lesson timings for Third language lessons in the respective language centres. Time management. Students will need to make their way to the various language centres for their Third Language class once to twice per week. This may be stressful for students, as they also need to balance their CCA and other subjects.

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