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What are the advantages/ disadvantages if my son/ward takes HMTL?

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Advantages: HMTL can be used as L1 in the computation of your son/ward's L1R5/L1B4. 2 bonus points for students seeking admission to JC/MI courses with grades of A1 to C6 in both their first languages (i.e. English and a Higher Mother Tongue). For more information with regard to bonus points, you may wish to take reference from the JAE Booklet. Disadvantages: As we do not offer HMTL in ACS(BR), students will need to make their way to the various HMTL centres for their afternoon HMTL lessons (once or twice per week). This requires a high level of commitment and discipline. Limitation in CCA choices. Students who wish to offer HMTL should take note that their CCA should not clash with their lesson timings for HMTL lessons in the HMTL Centres. Important: Grades for both HMTL (such as Higher Chinese, Higher Malay and Higher Tamil) and MTL (such as Chinese, Malay and Tamil) cannot be used in the same computation of L1R5. For example, if HMTL is used as the first language, MTL cannot be used as a relevant subject (R5).

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